Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Call them tea tables!

We call them coffee tables...but if you are a tea drinker, why not call them tea tables?

Friend of Pairteas and guest blogger Mark, who is a foosball supernerd (see bio below), presents 5 amazing tea tables for your home...As he says:

"When people are designing their homes, they are focused on bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen, and somehow, the living room often is left behind. But, there are some tricks you can do to make your living room stand out. For example, a great tea table can make the entire living room shine. A table like that should be a center of the room and it should leave all your guests speechless. So, today I want to show you some of the most amazing tea tables for your home.

Ocean Abyss table
There is something soothing in looking at the ocean and this incredible table represents that perfect feeling. Just imagine drinking tea above marine table which changes its colors depending on where you stand. This calming table is made from wood and colored glass where the glass represents the deep blue sea and the wood represents ocean’s bottom. The only downside of this amazing table is the fact that it doesn’t have any storage, but I think we can get past that.

Ocean Abyss table:
 [My note: this is the table I like best, being a geology buff and loving all things oceanic!]

Foosball tea table
If you want to decorate your man’s room I definitely suggest you do it with this incredibly cool table. Every man is a foosball player and instead of getting him big foosball table you can surprise him with Chicago Gaming table. This table is a combination of foosball table and elegant small table for living room. It looks amazing as a small table and it can provide hours of fun as a foosball table. The table is made from solid wood with tempered glass above the foosball field so you don’t have to worry about spilling on the table or breaking the glass with the ball. Great thing is that you have a shelf below the field for storage.
Foosball tea table:
[My note: I confess I play foosball whenever I get a chance, which is very seldom. If I had this table I'd be playing all the time, and may even forget to keep this blog up! Not to mention that it looks so seriously elegant that people might never guess it is such fun.]

DIY tea table
There is something special about making your own furniture through DIY projects and this table is a living proof for that. A tea table made of crates is simple to make and it looks great, not to mention the storage space you can get with it. For the table you will have to get 4 identical creates and fix them together. You can also put the wheels on the table for easier movement but that is only an option for living rooms without carpets.
DIY tea table: it is a DIY project so here is the link with the instructions
[My note: the orchid is nice, but imagine this table with a small fountain in the middle!]

Oval Mod Swivel tea table
This specific piece is the perfect addition to light colored living rooms because it is in shiny white. The best feature of this table is the fact that it folds in on itself; actually, it has a rotating top so you can have a table twice the size in a few seconds. Even though the idea originates from the 60’s, this table looks absolutely modern and refreshing.

Oval Mod Swivel:
[My note: my grandchildren would have a great time swinging this table's tops around...perhaps not the best idea for tea, but no doubt fun!]

Paper Table
If you love eco-friendly furniture then you will love this table because it is made from recycled paper.  The entire table is made to leave a positive impression because it looks amazing. When you look at the table you will notice holes in it and they aren’t there by chance. Every hole is actually a book or magazine holder so you can store your papers in the Paper table.

Paper table:
[My note: very cool, indeed! Perhaps a papier mâché tray on top to hold the tea cups?]"

Author bio:
Mark Čop is a former professional now hobby foosball player who has a blog about foosball —he loves to share his knowledge about foosball and that is the reason why he writes about it. From foosball history to foosball table reviews, Mark has covered every foosball topic you can think of [and he knows a lot about tables!].  You can check them out on his blog Foosball Zone. Also, if you have any questions you would like to ask him, you can contact him on his Facebook page.


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